RAV Development services

Residential and Mixed Use Development Projects

Unlike other consultants that are solely focused on construction completion, RAV Development is focused on the long term ensuring that every milestone is met and developer fees are secured.

From site location through the 15 year compliance period, RAV Development will be at your side. RAV will underwrite future projects, securing capital funding and working with contractors and architects to support on-time delivery.

Asset Management and Preservation

RAV Development collaborates with clients to create results-oriented asset portfolio plan focused on maximizing revenue and controlling costs. 

RAV will analyze your portfolio creating key ratios and KPIs to benchmark your results. Using this data, we create a management plan to achieve long term sustainability goals. If additional capital funding is needed, RAV Development works with available funding sources to secure tax credit and federal, state, or city preservation loans. 

Property Management and Compliance

After construction completion, RAV Development then focuses on long-term performance goals. 

Shoulder-to-shouder with clients, RAV Development is adept at boosting the cost-efficiency and management of every property without sacrificing the quality of services. Working from existing property data, we create  plans to minimize building expenses.

Our compliance experts work with your staff to ensure accurate annual filings and income eligible lease ups are in accordance with regulatory agencies.

From site selection through property sustainability ...

Whether clients are looking for assistance with specific aspects of project development or everything from site selection to property management, RAV Development delivers strategic, goal-oriented results. No matter the scope of your needs, we provide highly personalized, collaborative services that work within and maximize the staffing, organizational and financial ecosystems in which projects are developed, delivered and perform over the long term.

A Direct Line to Funders

RAV Development has specialized in the nonprofit housing sector for nearly 20 years, so we know where to turn to help clients to secure funding from key federal, state, city and private sources. Contact us to find out more. 

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